These are just a few of the things that individuals have had to say about  A.J.P Group. Out of respect for their privacy they will remain anonymous.

I only came because I was driving someone, and now I come for me
I feel safe here, I feel like I now have a life line
It took me four tries to get into the car, because I’ve been to support groups before and didn’t like them; this is not like anything I’ve attended before
I came to the wrong door - and now I am here to stay
I never thought that I could smile again
I lost my wife, it was sudden. I went to a bereavement course, finished it, and I was still lost. We live in a fix it world, but I didn’t know how to fix this or manage my life. That’s the key you know...manage. In my one-on-one sessions I learned about how I could keep my wife in a special place in my heart, and then how I could move forward without her.

Stop practicing and take a walk...
— B. Principe